The building of the former faeces pump in Kiel, a listed monument, is being used as a culture and communication centre. Now it was to be refurbished. From 2003 through 2005 the group R 105 (Daniel Ecker, Julia Kruse, Pascal Maier, Susanne Wilke) developed a step-by-step-plan for the transformation: An area for the pub and events, partition wall, entrance door, redesigning of the façade.

The illumination of the characteristic façade provides the building with identity and a wide-ranging effect. The new glass door integrates the inside and outside areas.

The glass is printed with a stylized translucent photo of the original wooden door. Behind it appears the wall with posters and integrated shelves for flyers.

Fotos: Birgit Schewe
To emphasize the new conception in the pub and event area, the former faeces pump has been painted in metallic silver and emphasized by an illumination. The light brightens up the entire room with its changing colours.

The open room conception is underlined by the picture on the wall as eye-catcher and the seating adjusted to the colours of the floor. The menu was designed with Martin Schwatlo fitting to the corporate identity. pumpe e.V.