New aquarium Kiel

The Oceanographic Institute of the University of Kiel had ordered conception for an aquarium. This project was integrated in the studies at Muthesius Art Academy in 2002 and 2003.The plan has been designed in cooperation with Daniel Ecker and Pascal Maier and in permanent contact with the director of the aquarium, Mr. Uwe Waller. The documentation brochure has been designed in cooperation with Martin Schwatlo.
We designed a blue cube that is oriented to the Oceanographic Institute and the promenade at the waterside. The aquarium constitutes a transition between the public area and the institute. Above this, thanks to its exposed situation and the visibility from the water it is an attraction for tourists.
The printed external façade shows a stylized swarm of herring that seems to swim around the cube. Thus, the building itself seems to be a glass container with a swarm of fish.

Inside, the visitors are led softly through the building along the detached basins where they can find new ways again and again. Hanging translucent footbridges allow the visitors to observe the oceanographs at work. The visitor can perceive the underwater world physically.