running track

Study for the competition “Mobility”, S-railway station Hamburg Neuallermöhe, Kommunikations- und Kunstverein Allermöhe e.V., Kokus e.V, 2006, nominated for realization.

Your running track is your mobility – the project evokes the association of a 100m running track as known from sports grounds. For everybody it carries individual emotions.
The extensive „sculpture“ has been designed fort the S-railway station Hamburg Neuallermöhe. It runs along the footpath over the stairs up to the railway platform. Thus it provides an optical and sensual connection between the two levels.

The running track sets a coloured mark in the area of the S-railway station. On the other hand, it does not require any space because it is integrated in the floor and you can walk on it.

There is no start and no finish. The dynamic course symbolizes a part of daily mobility. The passer-by is led into the day or out of it by a short (mental) sprint. Physical and mental mobility is stimulated.