SALZIG kids designs products for kids, who are not only sweet.
The Sticker series “I like animals” and the SALZIG bibs are the first.
You can buy these first products here.

Plain graphic design, distinct choice of colours and high quality make the stickers eye catchers for all ages.
With a waterproof pen you can fill in a name or what ever you like in the speech bubble.

You will get the stickers as A5 sheet. On each sheet there are 18 stickers.
A big one (9,7 x 9,7cm), five medium-sized (4,8 x 4,8cm) and twelve little ones without speech bubble (2,4 x 2,4cm).
The stickers are printed and laminated in Berlin. The high quality self-adhesive foil is robust, wipeable, UV resistant and even resits the dishwasher.
You can apply the stickers to all even surfaces indoor and outdoor.
The series does not comprise your favorite animal? Please write us a message!