Sporthocker SH2

11. 2011

Since November 2011 you can buy the SH2 and it exceeded all our expectations.

The Sporthocker was completely re-engineered, that made him even more robust than its predecessor the SH1. All edges of the SH2 are designed more precisely and the logo was worked out more distinctly. The grap zone is bigger for even more performance while hockering.

The column in the middle of the Sporthocker is more narrow and thereby also for smaller hands easy to grap. A screw in the bottom makes pressure compensation possible, thus prevent the seating surfaces from bulging on hot days and when hockering in higher climes.

With the SH2 many tricks were invented, which were not be possible to perform with the SH1 or much less with any other stool.

We are obliged to the improvement and will go on optimizing the Sporthocker for hockering.

The Sporthocker is also a great piece of furniture. No mater if as stool or as side table – indoors or outdoors.

Various graphics make it more special. Furthermore, it is possible to get your customized Sporthocker graphic designed by us. Some examples:

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